Robyn McGrath

A Mind Of Her Own: The Story of Mystery Writer Agatha Christie


Uncover the fascinating, inspiring, and sometimes mysterious true story of world-renowned detective novelist Agatha Christie’s journey to authorship in this picture book biography.

Before Agatha Christie became the greatest mystery writer of all time, she was a girl who loved books, make-believe, and puzzling out problems. She was a keen observer, always noticing the secrets hiding in the shadows and the clues just waiting to be uncovered. More than anything, Agatha loved detective stories. She longed to write her own mysteries, but she struggled when she put pen to paper. The letters came out jumbled, the words twisting and snagging. Writing became a new puzzle for her to solve.

Her family and teachers chided her for being lost in her head, but Agatha wasn’t lost…she had a mind of her own!