Mai K. Nguyen

Anzu and the Realm of Darkness


5 Worlds meets Spirited Away in this tale of a girl fighting her way back home after getting trapped in the spirit world.

Anzu has just moved to a new town is already worrying about whether or not her new classmates will make fun of her name and family traditions. But when she’s accidentally transported to the Shinto underworld, Yomi, she’s realizes what being an outsider truly feels like.

While in Yomi, she meets a spirit guardian in the form of a dog, as well as the suspiciously welcoming Queen Izanami. When Anzu discovers that Izanami has been kidnapping the spirits of lost children for decades, she's torn between escaping from Yomi as fast as she can and staying to help the trapped spirits. She must find the courage to stand up to Izanami, free the spirits of the kidnapped children, and reach the gate leading home all before nightfall...otherwise, Anzu will be doomed to roam Yomi as a lost spirit forever.