Shelley Couvillion

Book Worms Around The World - Bookish Print

This print is a celebration of the idiom "book worm" from all over the world. Featuring whimsical illustrations of different versions of the idiom, such as the Ink Drinker from France, Study Horse from Sweden, and Book Moth, this print is a delightful tribute to the love of reading. Bookstores, in particular, would find this print appealing as it celebrates the love of reading and is a perfect addition to their inventory. Librarians and bibliophiles, who are dedicated to spreading the joy of books and language, will appreciate this print's celebration of different cultures' love of book readers. The 8x10 size makes this print a great option for adding to a gallery wall or as a standalone piece in a reading nook or home library. It also makes for a unique and thoughtful gift for any bookworm in your life. It looks beautiful when paired with any of our other bookish prints.