Kathryn Ormsbee

Candidly Cline


Brimming with heart, warmth, and hope, this critically acclaimed queer middle grade novel about a girl trying to find her voice hits all the right notes for fans of Julie Murphy and Lisa Jenn Bigelow.

Born in Paris, Kentucky, and raised on her gram’s favorite country music, Cline Alden is a girl with big dreams and a heart full of song.

So when she finds out about a young musicians’ workshop just a few towns over, Cline sweet-talks, saves, and maybe fibs her way to her first real step toward musical stardom. But her big dreams never prepared her for the butterflies she feels surrounded by so many other talented kids—especially Sylvie, who gives Cline the type of butterflies she’s only ever heard about in love songs.

As she learns to make music of her own, Cline begins to realize how much of herself she’s been holding back. But now, there’s a new song taking shape in her heart—if only she can find her voice and sing it.