Mary Shelley

Frankenstein (Pretty Books - Painted Editions) (Harper Muse Classics: Painted Editions)


Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, one of literature’s most beloved stories and the inspiration for numerous film adaptations, is now available in a fine exclusive collector’s edition featuring beautiful cover and interior treatments, making it ideal for fiction lovers and book collectors alike. Each collectable volume will be the perfect addition to any well-appointed library.

This frightening classic tale is now available in an exclusive collector's edition, featuring beautiful cover art from artist Laci Fowler and decorative interior pages, making it ideal for fiction lovers and book collectors alike.

Beloved by horror fans across the globe,?Frankenstein?explores the terror of what happens when humanity plays God. This time-honored classic is now available as an exclusive collector's edition.

Whether you're buying it as a gift or for yourself, this remarkable edition features:

  • A beautiful, high-end hardcover featuring Laci Fowler’s distinctive hand-painted art
  • Embossed cover art and gold foiling
  • Decorative interior pages featuring pull quotes throughout
  • Matching ribbon marker and gold page edges?
  • Part of a 4-volume collection including?The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,?The Great Gatsby, and?The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Shattered by grief, the unstable Victor Frankenstein conducts a bizarre experiment, using electricity to shock inanimate matter and create an enormous man-like monster. Terrified by his own actions, Victor abandons his creation to the wilderness. Years later, the intelligent and hideous Creature finds his creator and demands his right to happiness. A tragedy of murderous rage and the fatal consequences of revenge, Mary Shelley's iconic novel has been terrifying readers since the nineteenth century.

Exploring the dark themes of birth and creation, loneliness, ambition, and the destructive power of revenge, this unique collector’s edition presents Shelley’s frightening tale of otherworldly adventures in a giftable new way.