Hannah Berner

How To Giggle Pre-Order April 15th 2025


From the wildly popular podcast Giggly Squad, best friends Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo share hilarious and heartwarming advice on how to take life a little bit less seriously.

Finding joy and laughter in the mundane can be challenging at times, but Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo have mastered the art of not taking life too seriously. Brought together under the bright lights of reality television, these best friends bonded in incredibly intense circumstances. They quickly came to realize that one of the bedrocks of their friendship is their shared experience with social anxiety. As their friendship deepened, they found themselves constantly devolving into laughter, earning them the nickname "The Giggly Squad," and with that, their superpower--laughing through life's hardest moments--was born. Their podcast, Giggly Squad, feels like calling your best friend for a long overdue catch-up. No topic is off limits. No subject too small. And, most importantly, nothing is so serious that you can't find a way to make it seem less scary by poking fun at it. 

How to Giggle covers topics like:
-Overcoming awkward situations
-Red flags in female friendships and romantic relationships
-Using delusion and manifestation to achieve your goals
-Decentering men from your life
-And more! 

Sprinkled with inside jokes and Hannah and Paige's riotous humor, How to Giggle feels like you're at a slumber party with your besties giving you juicy advice on sex, flirting, and social media etiquette. You'll find the nostalgia of your teen magazines with fun, interactive quizzes, and tips like finding your personal style and wellness hacks. If you're a longtime Giggler or are simply craving some unfiltered advice to get you through hard times, look no further than How to Giggle.