Sara Shepard

Nowhere Like Home

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars Sara Shepard's next adult novel, following a group of mothers living in a mysterious ‘mommune’, each of whom is running from something

When Lenna gets a call from her old friend, Rhiannon, she is startled; Rhiannon disappeared years ago without a trace. But Lenna is even more startled to learn that Rhiannon has a son, and that she lives off the grid with a group of women in a community called Halcyon. Rhiannon invites Lenna, a new mother herself, to join them. Why suffer the sleepless nights by yourself? It takes a village after all.

Lenna decides to go and hopefully repair the relationship with Rhiannon, but as she drives into the desert, and her cell service gets weaker, she becomes suspicious. Who are these women, and why did Rhiannon invite her here? And that is before she learns about the community's rules (no outside phone calls, no questions about people’s pasts) and the padlock on the gate that leads out to the main road. But Lenna has other concerns, secrets about her past she is terrified will come out. When a newcomer arrives to the community Lenna’s worst fears are confirmed—she was brought here for a reason.

Nowhere Like Home tackles themes of complicated friendships and trauma but all with Sara Shepard’s expert twists you don’t see coming.