Ellie Banks

One Little Spark


Where tight-knit communities are set ablaze by lies, scandal, and husbands behaving badly. This light suspense is perfect for fans of Meg Mitchell Moore and Liane Moriarty.

Welcome to Tenmile, Oregon. A small town filled brimming with charm, picturesque views, and buried secrets.

Tenmile used to be the perfect place to raise a family. An idyllic community where everyone knows one another...or so they thought. But then came the fire--and not the usual wildfires that plague the West Coast. This one seems intentional and, in its wake, 5 people are dead and many more missing, including Councilwoman Jenna Abbott’s husband, Ryan – the same husband who had an affair and fathered the baby of nineteen-year-old Morgan White. A year letter, the town is trying to recover, and four women at the center of the event try to rebuild their lives and their relationships, even as more devastating secrets come to light.