Zoe Tilley Poster

Pete and Leonie

A wild and whimsical tale of two babies—one human and one coyote—who swap places and find they fit much better in their new wilder and cozier homes . . . until they start missing their parents.

Pete, a coyote cub, is good at tidying his nest and likes to take it slow during full pack runs—even if pausing means getting left behind. Leonie, a human baby, climbs to new (and dangerous) heights and goes wild during tea parties.
When the two unexpectedly meet, it feels like the perfect opportunity to swap places—soon Leonie’s able to run free and roll around in dirt (no diapers necessary!) while Pete can curl up and snooze inside without getting dirty. But soon the two start missing their families. When bath time reveals the switcheroo, their parents have to figure out how to get these babies back to their proper home!