Roberta Campbell Knechtly & Paige Knechtly

She Looks Fine: A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through a TBI


A Mother and Daughter’s Journey Through a TBI

Roberta was living her best life as an empty nester until she received a call that would change her life forever. Her daughter Paige was hit by a vehicle in a crosswalk. Paige, an independent young adult, became dependent on her mother again. Roberta reentered the world of caretaking. Both lacked the tools to understand what was happening.

For years following the accident, their lives changed in ways they could never have imagined. Roberta thought Paige looked fine; Paige was wondering when she would feel normal again. Both didn’t understand the invisible brain trauma that persisted.

 In She Looks Fine, Roberta and Paige openly share their journey through a TBI together, so that you can understand, accept and support your loved one even though they may look fine.