Art & Fable Puzzle Company, LLC

The Dreamer; 750-pc Velvet-Touch Jigsaw Puzzle

A Good Morning is part of our Sweet Spot Collection of 8 perfectly sized, Velvet-Touch jigsaw puzzles! Like all our puzzles, each box contains these 3 bonus items. A beautiful print A box top stand A zip lock bag A&F puzzles are designed to display beautifully on a shelf while using minimal space. Exhibit assorted titles like books, showing off their colorful bindings. Puzzles come plastic wrapped but look really great unwrapped if a gift shop chooses to display this way. Puzzle Dimensions: 41 x 57 centimeters or 16.1 x 22.4 inches The Artist: Gracing everything from the covers of albums and books, collectible wines and commercial crafts, theater stages and the silver screen, the work of Georgian artist Otar Imerlishvili is as multivalent as it is unique. Puzzle for Good: Donations will be made from the sale of this puzzle to the Global Fund For Woman. Follow us for puzzle news! @artandfablepuzzles