Mary Claire Haver, MD

The Galveston Diet

A patient-proven eating and lifestyle program to balance nutrition and sustain weight lossincluding more than 40 delicious recipes and 6 weeks of meal planstailored to women in midlife.

Women tend to store more fat and have a harder time converting calories than men do. In midlife, these physiological differences are amplified by hormonal fluctuation, and most women gain stubborn and harmful weightespecially around the bellywithout having altered their routine at all! 

A practicing OB/GYN, Dr. Mary Claire Haver found herself in this exact predicament, so she set out to develop a diet that would meet her needs. Nearly 75,000 women have now found success in Dr. Haver's unique plan for permanent weight loss and reduced menopausal symptoms by following her three interconnected strategies:
  • Fuel Refocus: Starting in their thirties, women need a specific ratio of healthy fats, lean protein, and quality carbohydrates to efficiently burn fat.
  • Intermittent Fasting: 16 hours of fasting with a flexible 8-hour eating window coaxes the body to draw energy from stored fat and decreases inflammation.
  • Anti-inflammatory Nutrition: Limit added sugars, processed carbs, chemical additives and preservatives and layer in anti-inflammatory foods like leafy greens, olive oil, berries, nuts, and tomatoes.

With these principles working together, women can finally lose stubborn weight as well as enjoy newfound energy, better sleep, less brain fog, and fewer hot flashes. Featuring forty delicious recipes, six weeks of easy-to-follow meal plans, shopping lists, and success stories of women who have changed their lives on this plan, The Galveston Diet—named for Dr. Haver's hometown—will revolutionize the conversation around weight loss for women, with health benefits that last a lifetime.