Michael Shayne

The Last Witness (Liam Chase Curran #1)


A Mexican man and an infant are murdered by the Border Patrol in Arizona. In Ohio, a Turkish sheik is abducted, tortured, and killed. And, in the tiny Appalachian town of Princeton, West Virginia, Liam Curran watches from the seat of his tractor as emergency vehicles swarm his neighbor's property. Moments later, two bodies are removed from the home: A Mexican man and a woman named Lacey Sullivan-Liam's neighbor and former lover.



his dark past has caught up with him, Liam struggles to remain neutral as

getting involved could risk exposing his identity all over again. Maybe, it is

only a coincidence. But then again, can he afford to take that chance?



agreeing to cooperate with the INS, Liam quickly realizes the murder of his

neighbor and an illegal immigrant is more than a random event and that a link

exists between a Mexican drug cartel, three congressmen, a stalled immigration

bill, and the blackmailing of the President of the United States. In a race to

find Lacey's killer and to stop the blackmailer from bringing down a

presidency, Liam must work with those who know him, those he thought he could

trust, and those who still want him dead. And his only hope is to identify and




Last Witness.


Shayne, Michael
Michael Shayne grew up in southern West Virginia, served in the Air Force, graduated from West Virginia University (BSEE) and Wheeling University (MBA) before settling in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, daughter, and a dog. Goal Number One-check! What's missing from the tale perhaps begins with his 13th great-grandfather, Sir Thomas Wyatt, the official poet of Henry VIII. Or maybe his grandfather who was with the local newspaper. Or being named after Brett Halliday's sleuth. Either way, those Norman and Scotch-Irish genes have compelled him to spin yarns since he was old enough to hunt and peck on Smith Corona. A ravenous reader, he's usually engulfed in two novels, something non-fiction, iced with an audiobook at the same time he's writing. Outside of writing, he found himself working as an electrical engineer, project manager, product developer and business development executive in the electric utility and telecommunications industries.