Kristin Addington Culpepper

The Lonely Toadstool: A Children's Book About Emotions and New Friends That Come as We Find Our Voice


Regardless of age, we all struggle at times with letting our real feelings and needs be heard.

This is the message of The Lonely Toadstool, a story that empowers children to express themselves, knowing they are safe and will be surrounded with a caring community.

When the lonely toadstool can no longer hold in his loneliness and despair, he "lets out a cry" and is surprised when the result is newfound friends and a welcome feeling of peace. Forest animals, a gnome, a fairy, insects and more, all creatures he thought were very different from him, hear his cry, and his anguish causes them to cease their activities and form a search party to help their neighbor in need.

As if holding their hand in friendship, this enchanting poetic story gently encourages the reader to see the importance of letting their own emotions and needs be known and to experience the unexpected human joy of exchanging loneliness for love and acceptance.

The Lonely Toadstool prompts organic discussions with children about:

Behind the book - Benefits for Children

When children practice sharing feelings, wants and needs, they learn to set healthy boundaries.

Children become better advocates for themselves and others.

They become more sensitive and empathetic.

Empowers children to be their authentic selves.

Encourages friendship and inclusion for all.