Sally Soweol Han

Tiny Wonders

Even small efforts have the power to bring big wonder in this debut picture book about a little girl who brings the beauty of spring flowers to her neighborhood.

The world is full of wonders, if we take a small moment to look!

April’s town is dull and gray, and the people there are too busy to laugh or look up at the sky, but when Grandma tells her about all the tiny wonders of the world, like the secret language of flowers, April thinks maybe dandelions can help—so she wishes for their magic. Planting seeds while the seasons shift toward spring, April watches as the dandelions and other flowers sprout, bringing joyful wonder back to their community.

A gorgeous and inspirational story about the potential of tiny things—like seeds and small children!—to bring wonder to the world, Tiny Wonders introduces little ones to the wonders of spring and the joy they themselves can bring.