Katherine Quinn

To Shatter the Night: Deluxe Limited Edition (Pre Order for Dec. 3, 2024)


Kiara and Jude ventured into the Mist, determined to bring the sun back to their realm. Yet instead of a cure, they unearthed a dangerous secret—Jude is the descendant of the sun goddess, and his destiny is to ascend to the skies and assume his rightful throne. But for him to rule, he must carve out the last piece of divinity inside of Kiara’s heart...and kill the girl he’s come to love.

When Jude is captured by the king, Kiara, along with her loyal friend Jake, trek to the ruthless city of Fortuna, seeking the aid of the realm’s most notorious thief...Jude’s long-lost mother.

Together, they hunt down the Commander, all while a vengeful god lurks, slowly guiding them to their demise. This immortal has waited decades to destroy the sun goddess’s divinity, and they intend to lure Jude and Kiara into the heart of a sacred temple—home to exquisite dreams and chilling nightmares.

As her newfound powers flourish, and the darkness within threatens to consume her, Kiara must learn to control her abilities and rescue the boy she loves...even if only one of them will survive.