Wes Molebash

Travis Daventhorpe Powers Up!


Review Quotes:

"Brimming with action, fun, and breathless intrigue." -Kirkus

"The writing is fun, with fast-paced dialogue and gaming tropes that will delight. Bright, colorful -illustrations will keep readers hooked, with pop culture winks sprinkled throughout." - School Library Journal

Publisher Marketing:

Can a wimp like Travis Daventhorpe master the Legendary Sword of Legends and fulfill his cosmic destiny? For fans of Hilo and The Last Kids on Earth comes the second volume of this hilarious fantasy/sci-fi graphic novel series!

Travis Daventhorpe is destined to save the multiverse--at least, that's what the prophecy says. But if he's a legendary warrior in the making, shouldn't he be a little better at sword fighting? With his engineering genius, Travis could develop technology to make himself unstoppable, but the wise sorcerer Bela says he needs to find his power within. Wherever he finds it, he better do it soon! The evil Nol Invictus, the ruler of the mystical realm Solusterra, is preparing a second attack--and this time, his lieutenant, the Rogue, has an army of velociborgs for backup!

From Wes Molebash comes the second volume in this pun-filled, video game-inspired, sci-fi fantasy adventures series. Join Travis Daventhorpe as he dodges bullies, forges friendships, and does his best to survive gym class . . . all while trying to fulfill his magical destiny!

Review Citations:

  • School Library Journal 04/01/2024 pg. 131 (EAN 9781250801425, Hardcover)
  • Kirkus Reviews 01/15/2024 (EAN 9781250801432, Paperback) - *Starred Review

Contributor Bio:Molebash, Wes
Wes Molebash is the creator of several popular webcomics, most notably You'll Have That (Viper Comics) and Molebashed (self-published). He has also created cartoons for companies and organizations such as the Ohio State University, Target, and PBS Kids. Travis Daventhorpe for the Win! is his debut graphic novel.