Stassi Schroeder

You Can't Have It All: The Basic Bitch Guide to Taking the Pressure Off (Pre Order for Sept. 10, 2024)


The two-time New York Times bestselling author, OG Vanderpump Rules star, and host of the successful chart-topping podcast Stassi is back and better than ever with a candid guide to rethinking the girlboss life, taking the pressure off, and lessons she’s learned since becoming a mom of two.

Before she wrote Off with My Head, a book about hitting what felt like rock bottom, Stassi Schroeder was writing an entirely different story: a basic bitch’s guide on how to be—wait for it—a “girlboss.” But then 2020 came along and after a global pandemic, losing her job, becoming pregnant and having her first child, and getting married, suddenly being a girlboss wasn’t the vibe. Instead of giving up, Stassi grew up and learned from her mistakes (you know, just standard evolution).

After two and a half years in limbo, Stassi was ready to launch her career again. She’d come a long way from that temperamental Season One Stassi. She’d gained a new perspective on what she wants out of business, her career, and life: to carve a path for herself, on her terms. The thing is, all of this pressure to “have it all” while girlbossing it up…it’s exhausting, and Stassi isn’t sure it’s the ticket to happiness that we all thought it was.

That’s truly what this book is about: the desire for joy. It’s about accepting the fact that you may not be the “perfect” parent/partner/friend/human at all times, and that’s okay. Instead of letting mom guilt or work guilt get her down, Stassi is trying to learn and to encourage us all to take the pressure off, give ourselves grace, and lean into the things that bring happiness. And if you need a little sauvignon blanc or Aperol spritz to get you through the tough days…so be it.